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Teal Sequin Peacock Clutch Bag

Teal Sequin Peacock Clutch Bag

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Beautiful, it's time to shine! Stop looking for where to find the perfect sequin clutch. If you're in search of the most magnificent clutch bag you've ever owned, we found it for you! Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the Teal Sequin Peacock Clutch Bag. The beauty par excellence, this stunning peacock bag is the epitome of luxury, elegance, style, and whimsy, making it the most sought-after sequin clutch to shine at every evening party! A sophisticated statement accessory with an authentic Boho Vintage feel, this unique peacock bag is the perfect element to complete an evening outfit with class and elegance – So Boho Luxe vintage with its Gatsby retro vibe! To please all hearts, this gorgeous peacock bag is available in teal and black. You just have to choose which colour will make you shine...

Style: Boho Luxe Vintage

Occasions: Evening bag, Gatsby bag, wedding bag, cocktail clutch bag, party purse, wedding clutch bag, Coachella festival

Smart features: Hasp closure, cell phone fit, glasses fit, satin back of the bag to protect clothes, provided with two gold chain straps, a mini strap to use as handbag and a long strap to wear as a shoulder bag.

Materials: Sequins, beads, lining in polyester

Size: 22cm x 16cm x 5cm

This peacock clutch bag is a work of art in itself. Its countless hand-embroidered sequins and beads recreate the originality of the peacock feather design. A delicate embroidery of brown beads forming the heart of the peacock feather with the teal sequins artistically arranged around, creating an original design truly one of a kind. 

The magnificent embroidered teal sequins reveal all the magic of this unique peacock clutch bag when they sparkle under the light. Reflecting its blue, green, teal and turquoise sparkles, captivating and magical. The peacock clutch bag itself takes the shape of a beautiful shell to create a unique and dazzling designer sequin clutch bag, both luxurious and whimsical.

~ We love the elegant gold button closure with the outer gold trim and the gold chain straps making this embellished clutch versatile and practical! ~ Use the mini chain strap to carry it as a handbag or the long strap to wear it as a shoulder bag in parties. Comfortable and practical, the internal pocket is wide enough to fit your mobile phone, pocket mirror, lipstick, and other small beauty essentials, as well as a pair of sunglasses (a glasses case fits, although it's best to keep them in a soft case to fit in the peacock bag with the rest of your essentials).

How to style a Boho Luxe Peacock Clutch Bag with vibrant colours and a retro Gatsby look that will catch all eyes on you.

Opt for a long off the shoulder dress with a small belt and pair it with the matching peacock feather jewellery for a soft feminine elegance – the classic Boho white lace dress is a favourite, so Boho Vintage! If you're after a classy style, a black V-neck dress with an open back, high heels, and long drop earrings will grab attention with a dramatic look.  If you're invited to a Gatsby party, do not hesitate to wear long black gloves, and if you feel like it, a sequined headband with a real peacock feather – it will really pull off the retro chic look! Just picture it. Imagine yourself holding a fancy champagne saucer while everyone compliments your amazing peacock bag! Now if you're up for an Eclectic Bohème Luxe vibe, a navy jumpsuit with the matching peacock scarf, a few layered tassel necklaces and a pair of smoky sunglasses will totally rock the 70s vibe! Once you see it in real life, you'll be amazed at how well it goes with everything – even just jeans will do :) 

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