Unveiling the Beauty of Bridal Boho: Styling Tips for the Free-Spirited Bride

Unveiling the Beauty of Bridal Boho: Styling Tips for the Free-Spirited Bride

When it comes to Boho fashion inspo, there is nothing more exciting than the dreamy Bridal Boho style! Literally THE celebration of bohemian love at its peak – sumptuous wedding dresses in vintage lace and embroidery, sophisticated corsets, tassels & fringes for the whimsy touch, bridal braid hairstyles, Boho accessories with white bags or beaded clutch bags – simply our favourite Boho fashion inspo and the perfect style for the free-spirited bride! 

Embrace your free-spirited nature with a Bridal Boho look that exudes romance, elegance, and vintage charm. By incorporating vintage lace, delicate embroidery, a palette of nude and white, fringe details, and whimsical Boho accessories, you will create a visually captivating ensemble that reflects your distinctive style.

bridal boho dress corset and fringes white dress bohemian wedding

The Celebration of Boho Love 

~  Bridal boho lace dress & bridal boho accessories ~

Bridal Boho Dress With Vintage Lace & Embroidery: A Nod to Romance

Bridal boho dress lace embroidery long sleeves and corset, bohemian style by Rue de Seine designer from new zealand

    At the heart of the Bridal Boho style is the infusion of vintage lace and delicate embroidery. Timeless elements that instantly evoke a sense of romance and elegance with a node to the past. Opt for a comfortable long wedding dress with an elegant silhouette, adorned with intricate lace and embroidery details. Beaded designs also work, as long as they aren't too heavy on the details. – Remember: your beauty is the highlight! – This will lend an air of sophistication to your bridal ensemble while still maintaining the whimsical Boho vibe. This style of bridal dress is perfect for Tropical Vintage Boho weddings!

    Bridal Boho Dress With Tassels & Fringe Details: Channeling Bohemian Vibes

    fringe dress bridal boho dress, tassels armbands fringe bohemian wedding gown by Rue de Seine designer

    So whimsy! Add a bohemian flair to your Bridal Boho look with artful fringe details. Stylish with exotic accents, tassels and fringes can be incorporated into your bohemian bridal style in various different ways – We love Boho fringes armbands! Or a fringe-trimmed veil, an intricately designed fringe neckline, plush tassels around the waist to highlight the silhouette, or even fringe earrings under your hair waves! Whatever you choose, these bohemian elements will effortlessly elevate your bridal ensemble, adding movement and dimension to your overall Bridal Boho look.

    Bridal Boho Dress Nude and White: The Classy Boheme Chic Palette 

    bridal boho wedding dress, tassels armbands, brown lining and embroider, East gown by Rue de Seine designer New Zealand

      As a celebration of Boho love and natural beauty, when it comes to colour choices for your Bridal Boho look, a harmonious blend of nude and white hues is the perfect expression of Boheme Chic. Embrace the ethereal beauty of a flowing white gown, embellished with a brown nude lining and a matching makeup with nude undertones. This delicate combination will enhance your natural beauty and radiate a sense of Boheme Chic elegance on your special day. – You're gonna love the contrast of white & brown nude undertones on your wedding photos!


      Bridal Boho Hairstyle, Hair Waves or Braids Hairstyle: Bridal Boho Must-Have

      bridal hairstyle, boho braids, floral hairpin

      Once you have selected your dream wedding dress, now it's time to think about your bridal hairstyle and choose the perfect Boho hairstyle that will complement your bridal ensemble. Bridal hair waves are very popular, as their are elegant and simple to achieve – a great choice if you have a limited budget or if you want all your bridesmaids to have the same hairstyle.

      Another great option is a bridal updo with a Beach Boho flair. Slightly messy with large braids, it gives a natural and sophisticated touch to your look without being too strict  so Boheme Chic and very elegant! – If you desire adding a little extra to your bridal updo, consider adorning your hair with delicate Bridal White Floral Ceramic Hair Pins or a chic Bridal Boho White Crystals Headband for a luxurious Boho Chic touch. 

      Bridal Boho Dress & Whimsical Boho Accessories: The Finishing Touch 

      Bridal Boho dress, nude lining white embroidery, Rue de Seine Designer New Zealand

      Now the finishing touch: the Bridal Boho accessories! To complete your Bridal Boho ensemble, carefully select whimsical Boho accessories that showcase your unique style and bring dimension to your bridal look.

      Complement your hair accessories with beautiful Pearl earrings adding an element of elegance and refinement. Think also Boho tassels earrings or Boho Chic earrings – Light and chic, they will reinforce your Bridal Boho style while being comfortable your entire big day!
      If you're planning to wear a V-neck wedding dress, choose a statement bohemian necklace that will showcase your free-spirited style with an exotic touch – we love bohemian queen statement necklaces!

      Finally, opt for a beaded shell bag to truly embrace the Boho spirit. The beaded shells add a touch of whimsy, while the bag itself provides a practical solution for carrying your essentials throughout the day. Instead of going for a traditional clutch, consider opting for a beaded bag or an embroidered clutch bag. Not only does it channel a beachy vibe, but it also adds a unique element to your overall look perfect for brides who want to make a statement!  

      The bridal boho style is a perfect choice for free-spirited brides who want to embrace a mix of vintage charm, elegance, and whimsy on their special day. By carefully selecting the right dress, incorporating whimsical Boho accessories, and embracing a soft and ethereal colour palette, you can effortlessly style the Bridal Boho look. Remember to strike a balance between bohemian and sophisticated to achieve a truly stunning ensemble that reflects your personal style and celebrates the free spirit within you.

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