How To Nail The Look Tropical Vintage Boho For Your Next Escape

How To Nail The Look Tropical Vintage Boho For Your Next Escape

Are you dreaming of a tropical gateway this April? Fancy days filled with spa treatments, rays of sunshine and delicious tropical cocktails? We know a place or two you can think of, such as Port Douglas, Hamilton Island or simply Bali, THE “ultimate” Boho vacation destination. Whether you’re looking to go casual or make a statement, the exotic style is perfect for your next tropical escape.

Dive into tropical style with a beautiful refreshing air of the April season. Get inspired by the glamorous beauty of vintage and its exotic charm perfectly combined to create your own exotic Boho look.


When Vintage Meets Exotic

~  Beautiful natural and floral accessories for an elegant exotic touch ~

Boho style has been around for centuries and its mix of vintage elements with natural materials always creates something one of a kind. Exotic vintage Boho style is no exception – it’s the perfect look for when you want to go from beach to bar without having to change outfits. 

Let Mother Nature Inspire You

As you get swept away by the rhythm of the waves, the sounds of the rainforest and the moist flavour of the air, your mind gets lost in becoming one with this heaven. Your hair gently flutters in the breeze and you feel simply beautiful, in harmony with your inner self.

Achieve the exotic Boho look with a combination of fresh water pearls, wooden beads and natural shells, perfect for making a statement with an air of sophistication. Arbor a sheer tassel kimono, a linen fringe short or a sarong and decorate your hair with a frangipani flower for a lay back beach style.

Vintage Style, A Nod To The Past 

Drawing inspiration from the breathtaking architecture, lush jungles, and exotic flora, creating an exotic vintage Boho look for your getaway is easier than ever, with some top tips.

Look for inspiration from vintage posters of exotic locations and colours, even old wallpapers. There’s something about vintage prints that can make even a simple outfit look stylish and elegant, so why not embrace it?

Think tropical prints, baroque, teardrop and floral patterns like monochromatic Damask design or Paisley motif. Very colonial inspired.

Dress it up with bright colours, and flowy fabrics, like Viscose or Silk – all essential items for the inspired Boho look. Mixing bright and intricate patterns with a few solid-coloured pieces creates an exotic and unique look that stands out from the crowd.



Antique And Semi-Precious Jewels

Combining earth tones with vibrant colours, you can design your own tropical getaway with antique inspired jewellery, handmade pieces, and natural accessories. Start off your statement by focusing on pieces such as layered necklaces, Boho earrings, and beaded bracelets made with semiprecious stones such as lapis, turquoise and opal.

Exotic, Floral And Ethnic Accessories

Flaunt your exotic look and transport yourself to beach paradise with a delicate maxi dress, kaftan, or kimono with dreamy patterns and ethnic aesthetic.

Let your look stand out and take your vintage Boho style to the next level. Embrace natural and flowy fabrics, laces, tassels, fringe and beads, giving you a chic and stylish look with an authentic flair and wild personality. Accessorize your new outfit with a straw purse or embroidered clutch bag to go down to the bar, a rattan tote bag as a beach bag, and a cute rattan Bali backpack perfect for every adventure taken, adding a touch of playful vibes and culture.


Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone With Colours

The combination of vintage and exotic creates a style that is both timeless and modern. It’s a great way to create a look that is beautiful and chic, but still carefree and effortless.

To really pull off the perfect vintage and exotic combo, you need to give it an Eclectic Boho touch – meaning Colours!

Embellish your look with dark green or turquoise accessories, yellow earrings, coral scarf, multi coloured long necklaces, fruit pattern bags, and strappy flat sandals, capturing the spirit of coastal vibes with a hint of the exotic.

Make a statement and show off your rich style and stunning exotic details with patterned vintage and flowy items, including embroidered bags, fringe scarves and long dresses, with delicate and exuberant details. Take your whimsical mood for a spin and delight in your exclusive beauty, expanding your horizons and finding your inner inspiration.

Enjoy this season with the perfect balance of exotic and vintage style. With our tips, you’ll be able to get the perfect look for wherever your adventures take you 🧡

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