How To Create A Magical Eclectic Style With Hippie Chic Venetian Nights

How To Create A Magical Eclectic Style With Hippie Chic Venetian Nights Montipi

Let the hypnotic rhythm of the dancing carnival transport you to the enchanting realm of whimsical allure and Boho Chic elegance with Hippie Chic, Venetian Nights – a magical world of dreamy treasures and fantasy, this mesmerising style is a mystic concoction of retro Hippie Chic and decadent Gypsy Luxe.

Exploring an enchanting world of dreamy treasures – the realm of creative expression, fantasy-driven luxury and mystic decadence.

Hippie Chic look style inspo

Hippie Chic, Venetian Nights

~  A carnival of enchanting pieces. Eclectic, whimsical and Boho Chic ~

A new season is approaching, and as our minds get lifted by the changing air and new vibrations, we start daydreaming. Abandoning our thoughts to dreamy places...

And as our imagination takes us, we soon get transported to a fantastic and mystic world, strangely resembling the spectacular and lively Venetian Carnival.

Close your eyes and enter a realm of whimsical allure and Boho Chic elegance, as we gracefully escape into the captivating style of Hippie Chic, Venetian Nights.

Drawing inspiration from the fantastic atmosphere of the Venetian carnival nights and the free-spirited energy of the 70s hippie vibe, this enchanting spell transports us to a world of creative expression, fantasy-driven luxury, and mystic decadence.

Let the charm work its magic and dive with us in this enchanting universe of whimsical treasures. Let yourself be surprised by this inspiring style and unveil our curated Shopping Selection

Whimsical Boho Chic, A Dreamy Colour Palette

whimsical Boho Chic accessories Hippie Chic style inspo by Montipi

    Within the whimsical tapestry of Venetian Nights, the original colour palette comes alive. Weaving together sophisticated hues of mauve, pastel pink, aquamarine, amber, tangerine, silver and gold, in a symphony of Boho Chic elegance.

    A mix of flowing fabrics with retro vintage patterns and cuts, reminiscent of the 70s, are adorned with sumptuous details of pearls, tassels, crystals and luxurious tailoring finishes, creating an enchanting combination of whimsical luxury.

    whimsical boho dress romantic floral boho chic leather cut out handbag vintage crystal earrings by Montipi


    A Carnival of Enchanting Pieces, Symbol of the Mystic

    Hippie Chic outfit style inspo Boho Chic pink tote bag cat carnival mask brooch by Montipi

      Enter a carnival of enchanting pieces, where symbols of mystic and fantasy reign supreme. An original Hippie Chic Venesia Cat Brooch, a lovely Evil Eye Brooch of pink rhinestones, and a Sand Stone Clutch Bag transport us to a world of mystic and whimsy, while a pair of Eleganza Crystal Drop Earrings, a silky scarf with vintage pattern, and a paisley patterns Bandana add a touch of mystic bohemian vintage.

      Each piece is an enchanting treasure composing a rich Hippie Chic aesthetic with dreamy elements of Gypsy Luxe extravagance and retro allure.

      Boho Chic outfit Hippie Chic style inspo vintage crystal earrings pink evil eye brooch by Montipi

      Creative Fantasy and Mystic Decadence

      fringe kimono dress floral patterns Hippie Boho Chic vintage crystal earrings diamonds clutch bag by Montipi

      Fit in the creative fantasy and mystic decadence of Venetian Nights with luxurious details and finishes of Gypsy Luxe sophistication. Dainty Vintage Boheme Chic Crystal Drop Earrings in elegant champagne tones, a mesmerizing La Diva Diamonds Clutch Bag with magical crystal colours, or a mystic Evil eye clutch bag.

      Each unique accessory is designed to dazzle and delight.

      Adorn the beautiful Boho Chic Cut-Out Leather Tote Bag with a stunning colourful detailed cat brooch inspired by Venetian carnival masks to blend in this enchanting decorum with the whimsical charm of Hippie Chic.

      A Unique Inspiration From Boho 70s Hippie and Gypsy Luxe 

      pink maxi dress with fringes Hippie Chic outfit style inspo paisley bandana evil eye clutch bag by Montipi

      Inspired by the Boho 70s hippie vibe and the opulent allure of Gypsy Luxe, the Venetian Nights style offers a modern interpretation of timeless Hippie Chic.

      Stunning diamonds clutch bags and Venezia Crystal Drop Earrings in original geometric diamond shapes evoke Gypsy bohemian luxury and extravagance, while a vintage Bandana headband pay homage to the hippie era's fascination.

      Each piece is a testament to the rich influences that define this unique style – a delightful concoction of creativity, fantasy and bohemian sophistication.

      Gypsy bohemian luxe gyspy jewellery statement crystal drop earrings beaded floral clutch bag by Montipi


      In the enchanting world of Venetian Nights, every pieces and every details reveal the magic of creative expression and whimsical imagination, composing a unique style of fantasy-driven luxury and mystic decadence.

      With Venetian Nights, is all about infusing your wardrobe with a fantastical flair  so let your imagination run wild as you embrace whimsical elegance.

      Remember that the particularity of this style inspiration, is a combination of the Boho 70s hippie style and Gypsy Luxe with a fantasist bohemian twist.

      Stay true to the original colour palette, incorporate mystical and fantasy-inspired accessories, select pieces with luxurious details and finishes, and experiment with retro vintage-inspired patterns, allowing your amazing creativity to shine through! 

      So grab your dreamy treasures and get ready to dance the night away in style with Hippie Chic Venetian Nights!

      Shop Our Selection:

      vintage crystal earrings colourful sand clutch bag cat brooch Hippie Chic Shopping selection by Montipi 


      Eleganza Crystal Drop Earrings

      Hippie Chic Sand Stone Clutch Bag

      Hippie Chic Venesia Cat Brooch

      Vintage Boheme Chic Crystal Drop Earrings

      leather cut out tote bag vintage crystal earrings Boho luxe diamonds clutch bag pink evil eye brooch Hippie Chic Shopping selection by Montipi

      Boho Chic Cut-Out Leather Tote  Bag

      Pink Evil Eye Brooch

      La Diva Diamonds Clutch Bag

      Vintage Boheme Chic Crystal Drop Earrings


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