How To Express Your Sensual Creativity With The Eclectic Gypsy Style

How To Express Your Sensual Creativity With The Eclectic Gypsy Style

Move over Bohemian and allow room for the inspirational and creative style of Eclectic Gypsy. The Eclectic Gypsy style is perfect for expressing your inner creative spirit in an unexpected and bold way. It is an artful blend of vibrant colours and textures, personal style and vibrant bohemian elements. The overall effect is one of mystery and sensuality with a hint of rebelliousness – the perfect winning combination that no one can resist.

A look bursting with creativity and personality, combining materials, colours and a touch of Ethnic Boho with gypsy vibes. Think mysterious, sensual and vibrant with a splash of colour and a hint of rebellion – and you’ve got yourself rocking the Eclectic Gypsy look.


Expressive, Creative and Feminine

~  Mix materials, colours and a touch of Ethnic Boho for a vibrant and rebellious Gypsy look ~

Ethnic Gypsy Bohemian Revisited With A Modern Twist Of Vibrant Colours

Throughout centuries, the bohemian look, with its vibrant and mysterious energy, has been a source of inspiration. The Eclectic Gypsy look captures its spirit of freedom, expression, creativity and femininity to create a stylish, luxurious and timeless look. Drawing from the tones and prints of diverse ethnic tribes with a modern twist of vibrant colours and materials, the Eclectic Gypsy look offers an alternative to traditional Bohemian styles.

To add a touch of gypsy elegance to your wardrobe, first you’ll want to consider the colours and patterns that best reflect your inner gypsy vibes. Whether it is bold and colourful or subdued and hypnotic, pick your palette wisely. You’ll want to mix fabrics, savour textured materials, and pick interesting prints that best express yourself.

Compose With Rich Colours & Prints

For a fresh take on the traditional gypsy look, try mixing bohemian elements with your other styles. When it comes to colour choices, there’s no one right thing. However, many people look to the mysterious beauty of the gypsies for inspiration, so incorporating blues, reds, and vibrant purples helps to create a palette perfect for the look. If you want to really capture the essence of the gypsies, consider wearing a fusion of materials, deep and rich colours, and a touch of ethnic Bohemian prints to create a vibrancy that’s both rebellious and eye-catching.

Start with a basic foundation piece such as dress, skirt or trousers and top. Choose items that are in solid colours and pair them with bold, colourful prints. For example, a basic black shift dress could be paired with a bright and colourful ethnic embroidered jacket to give it a boho and eclectic flair.

Vintage floral prints, tribal patterns, ethnic designs and bright colours such as turquoise, fuchsia, and purple look great against neutral colours like black, white, and grey. Choose pieces in a complementary colour palette of cool blues, warm reds and corals to bring it together. For an even bolder look, mix a floral and an animal print together.


Opulent Fabrics, Handmade Elements And Textures That Draw Sensuality

To add a hint of the mysterious, mix opulent fabrics and textures for an ethnic and luxurious style. A combination of luxurious garments and handmade pieces form the foundation of this look. Vibrant coloured kaftans, embroidered peasant tops, long velvet jackets, tassel scarves, vintage jewels and beaded ponchos can be layered to enhance the effect. A few statement pieces will help complete the look.

Mix bohemian and ethnic patterns with modern elements to create a perfect blend. A mixture of prints, textured fabrics and vibrant colours, as well as materials such as silk, lace, velvet and pleats, are key to creating the Eclectic Gypsy look. Add texture on fabrics with whimsical elements such as embroidery, tassels, pompoms, beads, rhinestones, sequins or crystals that you can fusion with quirky jewellery pieces such as bangles, earrings and necklaces. This dramatic look should be both bold and vibrant, so don't be afraid to mix and match pieces.

To modernize the look, pick flowing fabrics like viscose and satin, along with interesting neon touches to add life to the ensemble. You can also mix and match materials like chiffon and velvet with bold colours and prints to achieve a more eclectic look. Then add a few ethnic touches like big pompoms earrings or a turquoise necklace for a personal and unique style.

When it comes to styling, the key is layering. Choose pieces that can be layered with each other in an unstructured and untidy way. Try layering different colours, patterns and textures according to your preference, so the look is not too put-together. Remember, it’s an expressive and creative style letting you express your personality. Only one rule: your rule!   


Ethnic Accessories And Luxurious Statement Pieces

For the true bohemian spirit who really want to nail the gypsy attire, here’s how to create depth and dimension to this eclectic look: Accessorize with wild and stylish statement pieces that draw the eye and elevate the look.

The first accessory that comes to mind when dressing up with gypsy vibes is the signature coins jewellery. Antique bohemian coins necklace, silver coins bracelet, ethnic arm cuff bangle bracelets, body chain, coins belt or ethnic head chain, they are all typical choices for the look. Pick as many as you like and compose with colourful accessories to really nail the Eclectic Gypsy style – a pair of long fuchsia pompom earrings (or just one at one ear!) with layered coins necklaces and matching coin bracelet will look sensational!

The original bohemian fashion is also known for its spiritual and mystic universe where astrology, symbols of divinity and natural stones elements intermingle. Dare to venture into this realm with evil eye symbols, tree of life jewellery, astrological patterns, mystical prints, or any other spiritual element you're comfortable with.

Another signature piece of the gypsy style, the scarf with long tassels or fringes. Typically wrapped around the head or waist, or simply placed on the shoulders like a shawl, this versatile accessory comes in several styles. Mix and match the fabrics and colours to obtain a unique and whimsical feel. Something like a mystically patterned satin scarf wrapped around the head with a long plain fringed shawl that folds in a v around the waist will really elevate the look!

Now what really takes on the Eclectic Gypsy feel is the luxurious last touch. Bohemian fashion can be extravagant and this style offers the best opportunities to be really creative and bold.

Bring out the oversized jewels, the colourful rhinestones and crystals, the exotic beads and shiny sequins! Pick statement jewellery like large bracelets, maxi rhinestones earrings and vintage rings with precious stones, and stylish luxurious accessories like embroidered beaded bags, colourful crystals clutch bags with tassel or original acrylic bag with glitters for a modern eclectic flair.

Don't be afraid to create something truly unique that showcases your individuality and rebellious side, and embrace the beauty of extravagant things. 


The Eclectic Gypsy look is an ideal way to express your creative side while making a statement. Choose bold colours and textures that match your sensibilities, mix and match materials to create unexpected designs, and complete your ensemble with elegant and quirky statement accessories that reflect your unique personality. Sensual and mysterious or expressive and feminine, add a touch of whimsy and nostalgia into your life with a look that reflects who you truly are.


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