Get The Look Beach Boho Chic

Get The Look Beach Boho Chic

We love the Beach Boho look for its natural, effortless style. Whether you are looking for a bohemian chic style for a special event or everyday wear, there are plenty of beautiful and unique ways to get the look.

 Ethnic & Spiritual Chic

~ Adopt the Beach Boho look with beautiful and precious pieces for a spiritual chic elegance ~

One of the best things about the Beach Boho style is that it can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. You can choose to keep it casual with a floaty dress, tote bag and sandals or dress it up with ethnic-inspired jewellery and statement accessories.
If you're hoping to recreate the effortless look of a Beach Boho goddess this summer, we've put together some tips to help you get the look.

Natural Look & Feel

Boho is about comfort and natural simplicity. So, one way to achieve the beachy look is by incorporating natural, light and flowy materials and textures into your wardrobe. We absolutely love the lace and linen combination! Wearing items made from linen, jute, straw and wood is a great way to embrace this trend, bringing an ethnic touch to your free-spirited style.

Think fabrics like cotton and linen, as well as natural fibres such as hemp and jute. Woven fabrics such as raffia and straw are also great choices for this vibe. These materials are perfect for summer weather and can easily be dressed up or down. A lovely cream cotton crochet bag with fringes will definitely spice up your Boho style!

 Lace and Flowy dresses off shoulder or long kimono style off white cream with flower headpiece or cream hat for the perfect beach boho chic style


Harmonious Colour Palette

The choice of colours is also important to achieve the Beach Boho look. Go for light and airy colours. Creams, tans and whites are also great choices. You can also consider adding some pops of colour with statement accessories, like a brightly coloured bracelet or some fun boho earrings.


gorgeous turquoise stones silver engraved rings paired with gypsy coins necklace and golden tribal flash tattoos representing an eagle in geometric pattern creating a pure beach boho style

Of course, no Beach Boho look would be complete without some flowing silhouettes. Floral top with puff sleeves and extravagant boho earrings, long lace dress with macrame shoulder bag or even retro wide leg pants with its cool vintage bandana are all excellent choices. Just make sure that whatever you choose is comfortable enough to wear in the heat!

Spiritual Accessories

Now that you’ve selected your go-to beach outfit, it’s time to accessorise it with some statement pieces that will up your boho game! Very trendy and a must-have in bohemian fashion, the meditation long necklace is detailed with natural shells, wooden beads, coloured pompoms and fancy pendants in semi-precious stones to add a spiritual touch - very Bohemian Chic! Pair it with matching beaded bracelets or long antique earrings to adjust the ethnic touch to your liking.

The Art Of Layering

The secret to achieving the deconstructed yet harmonious Beach Boho style lies in the subtle art of layering. Layering different pieces of clothing, jewellery, headwear and accessories is another great tip to achieve the perfect Beach Boho look. The current trends: a long lace kimono over a crop top and fringed denim shorts, accessorized with a stack of exotic boho necklaces in various sizes and shapes. Or a cute sleeveless knitted bolero jacket over a flowy dress with a vintage buckle leather belt slightly below the waist and long lightweight bohemian feather earrings.
Texture adds interest to any outfit and is one of the easiest ways to incorporate a beachy vibe. Pair breezy fabrics with lots of layers to create fashionable looks that are both stylish AND relaxed.


first look a long boho stone necklace over a baby doll cream dress paired with a macrame shoulder bag and a beige cowboy hat second look long white transparent flowy dress with a silver belt and boho headpiece over long hair third look beautiful detailed lace top paired with denim fringe short and light knitted mocha gilet with turquoise silver necklace and ring so beach boho!

Effortless Simplicity

One last important thing, be yourself. More than a fashion movement, Boho is way of life that encourages self-development and spirituality in search of personal happiness.

Think about how you want to feel when you wear your outfits and select original, meaningful accessories that reflect your unique personality.

For example, if your look calls for a vintage pair of denim shorts with some antique ethnic jewellery to go along with it then get ready to channel some '70s vibes into your look this summer! The point is not to overthink your outfit choices and just go with whatever feels easy, effortless and most importantly like yourself.

Boho fashion icons like Sienna Miller and Vanessa Paradis have always managed to keep their looks grounded in effortless style - something we can all learn from as we put our boho looks together this summer!