How To Explore Your Inner Style With Bohemian Voyage

How To Explore Your Inner Style With Bohemian Voyage Montipi

Embark on a revealing odyssey of bohemian wanderlust with the enduring and spiritually infused aesthetic of Bohemian Voyage – a travel-inspired style that seamlessly weaves together ethnic influences and vintage elements, creating a look that whispers stories through intricate details from the past and nature-inspired pieces adorned with ethnic charm.

A travel of spiritual elegance – ethnic and vintage exploration to create a style that is uniquely your own. Embark on a stylish journey of bohemian wanderlust as you write your own story.

Bohemian Voyage style inspiration Boho fashion by Montipi boho style and accessories

Bohemian Voyage

~  Intricate details from the past and nature-inspired pieces with ethnic charm ~

Travel opens the mind, enriches the spirit and warms the heart.
Embrace your innate sense of exploration and immerse yourself in the wonders of travel, allowing new experiences, spicy colours and ethnic elements to tempt your senses.

In crafting the Bohemian Voyage style, we draw inspiration from the spiritual and personal well-being that bohemian fashion offers – inviting you to explore the realms of self-exploration, inner peace, time travel, curiosity, and wanderlust.

Bohemian Voyage promises to transport you to an inspiring place, where self-exploration intertwines with treasures from the past, enabling you to write a new chapter in your personal story.

Join us on this adventure and be inspired by the beauty of bohemian wanderlust as we unveil the secrets to achieving this timeless look, creating a style that authentically tells your unique story. Explore this inspirational style and discover our meticulously curated Shopping Selection

Ethnic Exploration, A Travel Of Inspiration And Spiritual Journey

Bohemian Voyage style inspo, summer straw bag, ethnic patterns scarf with fluid skirt and croo top

    A new environment is sometimes all we need to replenish ourselves.
    New vibrations to disconnect from the noise of routine and stimulate our senses. A physical and spiritual break to refocus ourselves in the search for new interests, new tastes and an exciting new sense of fashion that will suddenly resonate more strongly within us.

    Rich ethnic and vintage influences, Bohemian Voyage is a tapestry woven with threads from different cultures and eras.

    Picture earthy and colourful shades of tan, saffron, rich oranges, purples and greens, artistic ethnic patterns with intricate decorations, and mystic jewellery with semi-precious stone ornaments. All beautifully coordinated and mysteriously attractive.

    If the rule is basically no rule, there are still some hints to get your new bohemian look right.

    To fit like a glove into the Bohemian Voyage look, you’ll have to choose the right accessories. The easiest way is to start with a statement straw bag – a beautifully handcrafted straw bag with elegant weave details and pretty finishes. Stylish and lightweight, it’s the perfect Boho bag for carrying your retreat essentials while accentuating your bohemian vibe with the Ethnic Boho feel.

    A delicate scarf adorned with ethnic patterns can be draped effortlessly over your shoulders or used as a headpiece, instantly adding a touch of wanderlust to your ensemble. Look for pieces that showcase the beauty of intricate details, letting them become a focal point of your outfit.

    Vintage Pieces, Intricate Details From The Past

    vintage earrings grey stones and details, vintage crystal clutch gold and matching ethnic patterns skirt and crop top bohemian style inspo by Montipi

      As we navigate through the Bohemian Voyage, attention to detail becomes a sacred art. Explore the allure of intricate designs, dainty ornaments and delicate beadwork – timeless craftsmanship that echoes whispers from the past. These details are not merely adornments; they are a nod to the skilled hands that shaped them, carrying a sense of history and nostalgia into the present.

      Opt for exquisite Vintage Chic Drop Earrings and their matching necklace to add a touch of elegance and nostalgia, effortlessly tying together any outfit. A Glamour Crystal Clutch Bag with its vintage-inspired hasp and intricate crystal design is another must-have piece that enhances the bohemian aesthetic with vintage vibes.

      For a note more casual chic, an elegant Tropical Embroidered Tote Bag will beautifully combine ethnic and vintage-inspired patterns – roomy and soft to the touch, it’s the perfect go-to Boho shopping bag to carry everywhere with you!

      A Style Of Your Own, Writing Your Story

      vintage design bohemian dress, vintage stone necklace, art deco black and gold acrylic clutch with stones handle by Montipi

      To truly embrace the Bohemian Voyage style, it is important to create a style that is uniquely your own. Don't be afraid to mix and match eclectic pieces with a modern feel.

      Take inspiration from different eras, such as the art deco period, and reimagine those elements in a contemporary way. Experiment with layering and textures to create a visually dynamic outfit that speaks to your individuality. Remember, the Bohemian Voyage is not just about defining a look; it's about writing your own story through a style that resonates within you.

      For an intriguing and original touch, the Art Deco Black Acrylic Clutch offers a distinctive style that combines spiritual chic and vintage elegance. Pair it with a beautiful Ethnic Patterns Scarf and Vintage Chic Necklace for a stylish and expressive bohemian style.


      At its core, Bohemian Voyage is about writing your own story through your style choices. It's about embracing the unknown, seeking new horizons, and discovering your inner self, allowing your fashion sense to reflect your adventurous spirit.

      It’s a style that combines ethnic exploration, vintage beauty, and a sense of freedom that transcends the everyday. By drawing inspiration from your travels, embracing vintage pieces, incorporating ethnic patterns, and mixing eclectic elements, you can create a look that is truly your own.

      So don't be afraid to embark on your own Bohemian Voyage and let your style be your guide. Find your true inner self and inspire others along the way.

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