How To Capture Island Boho Vibes And Embrace The Wild Look Of Summer

How To Capture Island Boho Vibes And Embrace The Wild Look Of Summer

Step to the sun-kissed shores of Island Boho, where the salt in the air and the rhythm of the waves meet the wild and carefree bohemian spirit. Natural beauty, ocean connection and gypsy bohemian vibe – this style is a delightful blend of oceanic elegance and glowing tones.

A symphony of oceanic elegance and playful gypsy spirit – embrace the wild look of summer, with bright colours and statement pieces crafted from the waves of the sea.

Island Boho Ocean Connection style by Montipi Boho accessories

Island Boho

~  Beautiful statement pieces crafted from the summer waves ~

Inspired by the white sandy shores, the crashing waves, and the treasures that the ocean offers, Island Boho is a reflection of the adventurous spirit within us. It is a style that embraces vibrant colours, playful patterns, and statement pieces crafted from the summer waves. Effortlessly bohemian with beachy vibes. It is the celebration of the naturally beautiful and wild fire of bohemian summer.

As we delve deeper into the heart of Island Boho, we uncover a treasure trove of inspiration drawn from the ocean's depths and the island’s dancing spirits. Follow the inspiration and discover our curated Shopping Selection

Ocean Connection: Shells, Pearls and Blue Dreams

Shopping selection Boho accessories by Montipi, pearl clutch bag, beaded cowrie shell necklace

    Summery and traveller, Island Boho draws inspiration from the boundless beauty of the ocean – shimmering waves, magical waters of transparent teal reflections, white sand, wild pearls and shells… It’s a style that becomes an adventurous journey, with each piece telling a story of the ocean's vast mysteries.

    As you picture yourself walking on this dreamy beach, feeling the warm sand beneath your feet and the salty breeze blowing your hair. Your mind is floating away, and you feel as radiant as the sun.

    Capturing Island Boho is about embrassing the essence of this moment, and reflecting it into your style – Effortless with beachy vibes, inspired by the sun, the waves of the sea, and the treasures it holds within. Beautiful shells, fresh pearls, and dreams woven into beautiful statement pieces that reflect the wild and whimsical nature of the ocean.

    One of the key elements of the Island Boho style is the use of natural materials – it's about reconnecting with the earth and the beauty it provides. Incorporating elements such as shells and beads into your accessories to elevate your summer outfit. Adorn yourself with a Beaded Cowrie Shell Necklace, a Gypsy Boho Shell Bracelet or lovely Shell Gypsy Earrings at your ears ; these delicate pieces evoke a sense of femininity and grace, while capturing the carefree spirit of the bohemian style. 

    Shopping selection by Montipi Boho accessories, teal acrylic clutch bag, cowrie shell bracelet tassels bohemian summer
    But Island Boho goes beyond accessories. It extends to every aspect of your outfit, from your choice of clothing to your handbag. Imagine yourself strolling along the beach in your latest boho maxi dress, wearing a Colourful Beach Boho Shell Bracelet at your wrist and a stunning Teal Acrylic Clutch Bag in hand – like you're carrying a small piece of the ocean with you! Truly a unique statement piece, with its translucent texture and shimmering colour as a reminder of the waves on a sunny day.

    The mini pearl handbag is another beautiful accessory that incorporates natural elements and oceanic flair, creating a harmonious blend of elegance and whimsy. And for those who want to make a bolder statement, the Mini Shell Bag or the Acrylic Pearl Shell Clutch combine the beauty of the ocean with the artistry of modern design.

    These versatile accessories can effortlessly transition from a day on the beach to a night of dancing under the moonlight – embodying the playfulness and the freedom of Island Boho.

    Playful Gypsy Spirit: Vibrant Colours, Wild Looks and Summer Cheer

    gypsy bohemian accessories by Montipi, macrame tote bag, colourful tassel beaded shell bracelet for summer

      Energic like the ocean, at the heart of Island Boho lives a playful gypsy spirit that dances with the tides - let the fire of summer ignite you and unleash your creative personality! Mix and match, flowing fabrics with bohemian patterns, bright colours and eclectic accessories, and transform your wardrobe to a dance of styles and emotions! 

      island boho style by Montipi Summer Boho accessories, macrame bag, shell earrings gypsy colours

      Island Boho is not just about what you wear, but how you wear it. It's about adopting the wild look, the summery and cheerful attitude of the style – let your hair flow freely, adorn your neck with a Summer Bohemian Drop Necklace or a Beaded Cowrie Shell Necklace, and carry your little things in a messenger Boho Chic Macrame Bag like a playful spirit of the forest! This is the bohemian fire within you, a nomad's wild heart, embodying the spirit of the forest and the unrestrained joy of a perpetual summer.

      Feel the rhythm of the island, and let your wardrobe reflect the vivacity of a free spirit roaming under the sun-dappled canopy.

      Island Escape: Statement Pieces from Summer Waves & Tribal Spirit 

      bohemian summer accessories by Montipi, acrylic shell clutch bag, beaded bracelet colourful shells gypsy

      In a world that often feels chaotic, Island Boho offers a sanctuary of calm and beauty. It's a celebration of the unconventional, a way to reconnect with the earth and the ocean, and a reminder to live life with a wild heart. Whether you're lounging on the beach, exploring an island paradise, or simply seeking to infuse some bohemian fire into your everyday life, the style allows you to express your unique self and embrace the vibrant spirit within.

      So, let yourself be swept away by the symphony of oceanic elegance and playful gypsy spirit. Dive into the world of natural beauty, glowing colours, and carefree style. Let the sea shells, pearls, and shimmering waves inspire you to live a life full of adventure and wanderlust. Embrace your inner nomad and ignite your wild spirit, because the true beauty of this style lies not just in the accessories you wear, but in the way they make you feel.

      Shop Our Selection:

      Montipi Shopping selection, teal acrylic clutch, shell tassel bracelet, beaded shell necklace, macrame bag bohemian summer 

      Luxury Resort Teal Acrylic Clutch Bag

      Colourful Beach Boho Shell Bracelet

      Bohemian Cowrie Shell Tassel Long Necklace

      Island Boho Chic Macrame Tote Bag

      Montipi Shopping selection, sea shell acrylic clutch, gold shell mini bag, blue shell tassel bracelet, beaded shell necklace boho summer

      Island Boho Pearl Shell Clutch Bag

      Beach Boho Beaded Cowrie Shell Necklace

      Beach Bohemian Colourful Beads Shell Bracelet

      Island Boho Gold Mini Shell Bag

      Montipi Shopping selection, mini pearl clutch, gypsy summer shell earrings, colourful cowrie shell bracelet, macrame bag bohemian summer

      Island Boho Mini Pearl Handbag

      Summer Vibes Shell Gypsy Earrings

      Island Boho Chic Macrame Bag

      Colourful Beach Boho Shell Bracelet

      Summer Bohemian Beige Drop Necklace

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